Monday, January 26, 2009

What a Surprise!

Was cruising through Amazon this weekend and see my book with Sandra Duran Wilson, Image Transfer Workshop, available for pre-orders at an incredible price. The publishers said it wouldn't be available for pre-orders until May. Hmmm?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Pink Challenge Submission

This is the first art piece that I have receive on the my Pink Challenge. It is Angels with Flowers by Vicki Basta of Santa Fe. You can see more of her work on Original Art Online.

Tip: Adding Energy to Your Work
When working on a piece and you want to add energy, do something different to the substrate. Turn it so you are working from a different direction, do a new technique or change the color of the paint. You will find something so seeming insignificant can add a little spark.

Thinking Size
Use size as an emotional approach to your audience. Small pieces are intimate, gem-like and tend to pull you into the piece. Something medium size is more directly personal. While anything larger than our body has a grandeur. Image the difference between being in a closet versus being in a ballroom. Before you start your piece of art, remember that the message of your piece is conveyed in its size in addition to your subject.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Laura Stanziola, Queen of Ephemera

My good friend and fellow Santa Fean, Laura Stanziola, sells great ephemera like doll heads, old postcards, old game boards, vintage advertising, weird metal and wood things. A most wonderful resource for collage and mixed media artists. While I would love to hoard her for myself, she is just too good a resource for all of us. She is by appointment only and if you go to her place definitely plan to spend several hours there. I have to bring food because I always stay too long and end up having a sugar low. Laura Stanziola, 505.466.2525