Sunday, August 19, 2012

Assemblage for a Change

Sometimes a girl just needs a change. When I get tired of painting I switch to gluing, bolting and tying weird objects together to make an assemblage. Most of the objects in mine tend to be left in their natural state or rusted. My friends say I will rust anything if it stays still long enough. True, I love rust. If you wanted to see one of my weird rusted pieces I will be in a assemblage show, Industrial Revolution, at Muse Gallery in Columbus this Fall. I will keep you posted on dates.

This piece, False God, is in the collection of Max Lehman. Max is my brother-friend and a wild and crazy ceramic sculptor.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What a Great Month!

It has been one of those magical times that you just don't want to jinx. I got a two page spread in Pasa Tiempo (local Friday newspaper supplement on the arts) plus the piece I showed in my last post got Best Mixed Media in Contemporary Hispanic Market.  I also have gotten into two new galleries. One is in Telluride which I will let you know more about later and the other is Jane Hamilton Fine Art in Tucson. I will be there late in October or early November to catch the start of winter season.

Sandra and I received the contract for our fourth book on alternative surfaces which we have to finish in time for a photoshoot in May. OMG. What a month.