Thursday, June 20, 2013

It is finally finished!!!!

After getting sidetracked for months I have finally finished Looking for the Sweet Center and it is off to my Santa Fe gallery, La Posada.

La Posada is a delightfully exquisite art hotel with a fabulous history and a ghost. Plus it has wonderful tall walls. This piece is 48" x 36" so that height really was great. Most of my work is in the library which is across from the bar. Hmm, what does that say about the people that see my work?

If you come to Santa Fe please stop by La Posada and see all the art. Every friday the art curator, Sara Eyestone, gives a tour of the kitchen and the art collection.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Artist Dinner or Fun with Friends

Any excuse is a good excuse to get together with friends.

My dear friend and assemblage artist. Pat Chapman, has been in town so it has been party time. Saturday night I threw an artists dinner for her with Max Lehman (ceramic sculptor), Linda Ellis (recycled object jewelry), Laura Stanziola (artist plus she sells ephemera for artists as the Uncanny Artist) were there plus a few more people. It was a feast with a chicken, chorizo, shrimp couscous plus spanakopita and mojitos. Odd as it is, I can't seem to cook unless it is Moroccan. Maybe it is a past life kind of thing.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reaching Back, Going Forward

I have just started a painting (on the right) based on a piece I did years ago (left). It is a personal test to see how I would revisit an old painting and make it mine today. It has only just begun so not sure where it will end up.

What I liked about the old piece was the divisions and the fan shapes. What I already like about the new one is the contrast and the gold leaf. I will post images of the painting as it progresses.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Online Class on Surface Treatment and Image Transfers

My online class with artful gathering starts on July 16. I cover so much - it is 3 hours packed full of great information. We cover clay monoprints, demented gold leaf and quite a few kinds of image transfers along with finishing off a piece which is simpler than most people think. Please join me and have fun. A video of the class will also be available.

This image shows three of the techniques in the class: citrasolv transfers, gel transfers and stamping.

Practice Makes the Master

I have a studio tour coming up the last weekend of June and an outdoor market at the end of July. In cleaning my studio I found tons of backgrounds I had done as demos in my classes, half baked ideas and scraps of every kind of ephemera. I spent 3 days mixing, matching, collaging and just having fun. I cleaned out drawers of stuff and will be able to have an affordable piece of art for the people that come to the studio.

In addition I rediscovered how much fun it was to work small (it requires less thinking than a large piece), to feel like I accomplished alot and it freed me up when I went back to working on my big pieces.