Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Accidents

In August (abstract month) I had done several abstracts with gold leaf and bleach (its all in the next book coming out in Spring 2014) that I liked but when cleaning my work table I put all three together on my easel to get them out of they way, happy accident, they made a stunning tripytch. So here they are together. but they can be also hung separately. This piece is Jungle Beat, 36" x 29.5" mixed media on cradled panel with yummy gold leaf, old indian beaded belts and gel skins. Two posts ago I just had the left one done. What a difference cleaning your studio will make.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Abstract Month

I decided that August was abstract month for me. I was testing myself to do something different and in the first week I learned that I have decorative tendencies when it comes to abstract. Not what I expected or necessarily want. I decided to embrace it for another week then move on.

Above is Spring Fantasy, a 12" x 12" piece on canvas.

Jungle Beat is on the right. I think it still needs something. I will live with it for awhile. It is all paint and gold leaf. I wish I could find a cheap beaded Indian belt. The texture of the beads would be wonderful on it. I have beaded Indian flowers that I am making a cast of then will put on another piece. I will let you know if that was a success or not.