Thursday, May 26, 2016

Going Baroque

There is magic in mixed media. Old objects get a new life and are given a new story. I have drawers full of cast objects, charms and beads that I use as finishing elements in my art. I find boxes with broken jewelry and odd stuff on my doorstep often. People in town know I use these second hand interesting things (S.H.I.T.) in my art. As a mixed media artist, you never throws ANYTHING away.

Creative Paperclay®
Old jewelry
Polymer medium

This piece started by laying out shapes of Paperclay on an old painted, cradled panel. I stamped into the clay then went through my drawers full of objects I had previously cast with left over pieces of Paperclay. After selecting the lucky pieces, I glued them down on the dry butterfly shape. Then I coated everything with polymer medium to seal the clay before painting it.

Then I started the painting process using several shapes of purple, gold and buff colored paints. I dry brushed the gold over the purple to pick up the highlights in the texture.

I went through my drawers full of small objects, jewelry, keys, and whatever that I keep in muffin tins. I always search these treasures to finish off a piece of art.

Now I add my small treasures to my art to embellish it. Some I painted just a little and, of course, I added some stencil work.

There is nothing like the pleasure of creating.

Dream in Color.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Treasure Hunt

 I have a lot of found vintage pieces in my studio that usually find their way into a painting but, often, they make great casts. When I buy them at flea markets, junk stores or garage sales I try and think of all the ways I can use them. Here are some examples I made from things I had lying around. I have not gotten around to cleaning up the edges yet.

Found metal objects
Delight or Creative Paperclay®

So easy. Delight was pressed into vintage religious metal ornamentation. Because the metal pieces may end of in a painting, I will often make a silicone cast of it for the future.

 I love this vintage pin. The wings are so beautiful and were easy to cast. If I had wanted to use the whole pin, I would have made a silicone cast of it.

 A metal charm also makes a great cast.
Anything with wings
Metal frame cast will definitely go into a painting today!

Open your eyes to the possibilities around you!

Dream in Color!