Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Personalize Hang Tags

I like to have a personal touch on any gift that I give. One easy way to create personalized hang tags with Creative Paperclay® using nature as my stamp. These were given to a friend who has a passion for anything blue. I used these as hang tags but they could be converted to wrap around a napkin or hang from a window/

Creative Paperclay®
Blue acrylic paint
Leaves & flowers

I started with two wads of clay that I had flatten. I placed the flower and pine needles on top of the clay then brayered them flat.

This is how they looked when I pulled the flower and needles off the clay.

I placed a glass over the clay making the circle cutout and then made little holes for the raffia.

After removing the clay outside of the round shape, I smoothed the edges of the circle shape with a little water on my fingers.

I like simple things that have multiple uses. Plus this is a kid's perfect project.

Dream in Color.

Darlene Oliva McElroy

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lost & Found

Mixed media artists and their friends are scavengers. A friend found a bunch of frames in the trash. They were good condition and ready to become an art project and what could be better for a mixed media painting but a mixed media frame. Easy, breezy, beautiful.


Creative Paperclay®
Texture plates
Gold paint
Red oxide paint

Started by applying Creative Paperclay® to the frame by hand then brayering it flat before adding texture. I worked in sections.

Added final details.

The Holbien mat gold matched the frame perfectly. I could have left the frame painted gold but ....

I ended up apply a wash of red oxide paint. A wash is paint diluted with water. This wash sank into the recessed areas giving the frame's texture depth.

Dream in Color!