Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fresh from the Photographer

Just got my art back from the photographer that is going to Scottsdale for the show. The true job of an artist is not painting, it seems like it is slepping art here and there. In addition to taking my work to Scottsdale, I am taking Bob Cardinale's work along with several pieces of Max Lehman.

The above piece, Girlie Girl, is the brightest piece that I have done in ages. I decided I need to mentally paint myself out of the nation's mental and economic depression. So I have changed my palette and am currently working on a circus theme (think more cirque de soleil). I plan to amuse myself.

Starting in February I am starting a once a month wine and collage group at my studio plus a series of workshops. Always fun. 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Food, Fun & Friends

This has been a busy week. My friend, Clare Lighton, took photos of me for my book and we had a great time being silly as you can tell by this photo. I highly recommend her if you want your portrait taken.

The studio tour, Artists Gone Berserk, started yesterday and Max (ceramics) and I had lots of people, sold a bunch of pieces. Had green chili stew, brownies, cookies. Max's partner, Mark, made the incredible stew. You can tell where my focus was.

I have half the paintings done for my December show in Scottsdale and they are at the photographer. Working on a piece, Girlie Girl, which is a very happy, colorful and large piece. I will give you a sneak peak with it is further along.

Next month, I will have several freebies for you that I have been working on. Look for it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Studio Tour or Party with Friends

Next weekend is the studio tour and my best buddy, Max, will be showing his wonderfully crazy ceramics and I just found out that my girlfriend Pat Chapman will be in town so I told her to bring a few pieces too. When the three of us get together it is a comedy show and a dance fest. Come join us!

Creative Tip

If you are doing any gel, gesso, or paint transfer try sanding the backside with sandpaper to break up the paper so when you spritz with water, the paper will be easier to rub off.