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Changing Face

This is my favorite Creative Paperclay® post while being on the Creative Paperclay® Design Team and I wanted to share it again. To me it is all about paint and texture and I thought the paint match job came out perfect.

As a narrative artist I find that I am always adjusting the stories around me. This clay mask has been hanging around the studio for years. It has been cast, been in videos and I felt it was time for a facelift. Because it was clay, I knew it would take Creative Paperclay® very well.


Creative Paperclay®
Acrylic Paint

I started by slightly dampening the surface with water then building up the butterfly shapes with the clay.

Next I added texture with a variety of tools from a wood skewer, ceramic mark making tools and something I do not know the name of. Maybe for cooking (not my specialty). Finished by smoothing the edges with a little water.

Next I applied a wet brown paint, I immediately blotted it for a stained effect. This was just my base col…

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