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Bling Up Creative Paperclay®

I have so many projects that I have created laying around my studio. One of my favorite things to take one of these and try out different surface treatments. The mad art scientist in me wants to continuously experiment on techniques. I didn't worry about the crack because I was just playing around.

I started with this house shape I had made with Creative Paperclay and had stamped and stenciled on. Because I wanted to add a red foil later, I coated it with a red oxide acrylic paint.


Creative Paperclay®
Red Oxide Acrylic Paint
Adhesive Size for Foil/Metal Leaf
Holographic Foil

When the paint had dried, I coated the surface with Wunda Size, which is a water based glue for foils and metal leaf. It is white when applied and when it becomes clear it will be tacky and ready for the application of the foil.

I am using a holographic foil (shown here). Lay the foil (pretty side up) over the tacky surface and burnish with a spoon or your finger. Because my background has texture I …

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