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Foil Spray Finish for Creative Paperclay®

I found a new product that I hadn't known about - foil spray. This week is experiment with foil spray week and this is just the start. I created a little animal with Creative Paperclay® on my plastic covered work table. Note: If left to dry on the table, it won't warp.


Creative Paperclay®
Krylon Metallic Foil Spray
Polymer Medium
Dimensional Paint (for dots)
Burnt Umber Paint

I added dots with dimensional paint in a bottle. Any brand will work. This was added so I could see how foil works with texture. When the dots dried, I coated the dog shape with polymer medium in order to seal the surface. The foil will absorb into the clay if it is not sealed and loses the foil look.

Krylon Metallic Foil Spray canister.

Metallics are difficult to photograph so you will have to trust me that this looks like real metal.

To age the piece, rub burnt umber paint on it. If you put too much on and can't get it off just slightly spray with alcohol and wipe excess off with paper tow…

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