Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine Paper Clay Bowl

You need so little to create a Valentine bowl that has so many uses. It could hold a ring, valentine candies or incense. It just depends what you come up with.


Creative Paperclay®
Acrylic paint
Polymer Medium

Cover the orange with the clay, trim to heart shape and stamp. The most difficult part is to wait until it dries.
When dry, just pop it off the orange.

When you turn it over, you can see the wonderful dimpled texture from the orange. Now it's time to sand the edges smooth. Once that is done, I seal the heart with polymer medium.

Now the heart is painted with various shades of red and pink.

The back side is painted dark rose gold and highlighted with a lighter, brighter gold.

Great as a gift or to keep.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Casting with Gesso Beauty

Just got the latest issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors with my article on casting gesso. Loved the metallic gessos by Holbein. They are not inexpensive but so wonderful and worth it. They have a great binder so I was able to cast with them easily. I cast into metal, silicone, latex molds and bubble wrap. This article gives you all the tips and techniques to do this well. 

I will also be teaching a class this summer on Mystical, Magical Gesso with a Twist that is the most complete and thorough class on the subject of gesso. This will be with ArtfulGathering.com.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Die Cut Foil & Layers of Art

Playing around with my Silhouette Cameo and spending the day die cutting foil, papers and all kinds of fun ephemera. This sample shows a variegated foil on one of the initial layers of my painting. Often I sand back the foil to make it a little grungy. On the finished piece you can see that stencils had been applied over them

By the time that the piece, My Heart Takes Flight, was done, stencils, image transfers, found objects and lots of paint had been added.
The image in the background was taken in a church in France taken by a friend's daughter

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Remember the Beach

Holy Mackerel, 12" x 12" mixed media on panel. I can smell the ocean air and see the pelicans in my mind after having spent most of life in Newport Beach, CA.

The techniques use were stencils, paint skins, collage, metal leaf and acrylic paint.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Casting and Aging Gesso

Looks like metal but light as a feather which, of course, makes it easier to glue to your art. I love the Holbein metallic gessos so thought I would cast it in a silicone mold I had made from a religious piece that I got in Mexico. This was left on the mold overnight to dry.

To learn about this technique than what I am showing you here, read the March/April issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors.

When you peel it from the silicone mold you will have a flexible skin of silver gesso.

I aged by applying a wash of burnt umber over the silver. Now it is ready to be glued to a painting.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Plaster Casts

All you need to make a plaster cast is kinecti sand or clay. Press stamps or make marks into it and when you are happy with your design, pour the plaster into it. As the plaster sets it will feel cold to the touch. When it is ready to take out of the mold it will be room temperature (about 20 minutes). You can then paint it, apply metal leaf or encaustics to the plaster cast. You can hand sand or use a belt sander to sand the edges if desired.

Great technique for kids or an art party.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It's All in the Details

Storytelling is a very important aspect of my art as a narrative mixed media artist. Creative Paperclay® helps me tell my stories by being able to cast objects or create stamped shapes. Although I paint the clay, I really love the beauty of it in the raw stage.


Art surface
Creative Paperclay®
Acrylic Paints
Foil & Adhesive optional

One wing symbolizes in search of completion. I think we spend our life searching to fill in our stories. Next comes the painting of my clay areas. I start by coating them with polymer medium when they have dried. On the body I applied a gold rub over the blue. The wing was painted then I applied holographic foil to it using adhesive size. That it what the white areas are on the crown.

Next step was to cast more objects. Once they are dry I will clean them up with either my dremel or SandIts then paint them.