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Making Bisque Ware Unique

I have kept my pencils in the bisque ware vase for years but decided it needed a facelift and what would be better than using Creative Paperclay® to jazz it up.

Creative Paperclay®
Bisque ware vase
Stamps & molds
Adhesive size
Metal leaf
Image transfer
After transferring an image onto the vase, I added stamped and molded Creative Paperclay® embellishments and let it dry.

The image transfer here was done with a toner image and Chartpak blender pen.

I then added a dirty wash to the surface. A dirty wash is the dirty water from cleaning your paintbrushes. It is a great way to add a hint of color.

I then applied an adhesive size for metal leaf onto the vase. I goes on white but when it becomes clear it is ready to apply the metal leaf. A large brush was used to remove the excess leaf. The inside was painted with a gold gesso. Great way to start the New Year is with a new look.

Dream in Color!

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