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Trick or Treat

Time to get ready for the holidays starting with Halloween and Day of the Dead. I started by rolling out Creative Paperclay® on a masonite panel then laying a stencil over it and brayering it so the pattern would show well. Then a cast skull was glued to it with soft gel. The edges were then trimmed and smoothed with a small amount of water on my fingers then allowed to dry.

Creative Paperclay®
Soft Gel Gloss
Black and buff acrylic paint
Jewelry parts
Fake Flower
Black paint was applied to the surface and allowed to dry before a wash of buff paint was applied. This was followed by gluing jewelry parts and fake flower pedals down.

This would look great on the top of an ofrenda.

If you are going to create an ofrenda for Day of the Dead, here is the 3 level layout. This can all be miniaturized by creating the different ofrenda elements with the paper clay such as fruit, sweets and bottles. Be careful though. One year I made faux chocolates for a heart shape box using the clay …

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