Thursday, August 28, 2014

Holy Moly Eyeballs

I was cruising the web the other day and I came across glass and plastic eyeballs and thought I could make them with Creative Paperclay®.  I probably should have practiced doing bigger ones first however these are very inexpensive to create and don't require shipping.

Creative Paperclay®
Amazing Molding Putty
Liquitex Pouring Medium
Tools for holes
I started with two equal amounts of clay and these two things (sockets)  I found in my husband's garage. They made great indents leaving a circle in the middle for the pupil. Thing about what you have around the house that can make these shapes.

When the clay dried, I painted the pupil and iris.

After this dried I added some pouring medium to the indented area. This looks white but will dry clear. When dry it looks like the finished eyeball in the first picture.

Option: You can do a thin first pour and add detail when it is dry. Then do a second pour. This will give you even more depth in the iris.
Enjoy another technique for your art arsenal! —Darlene Olivia McElroy

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In the Company of Crows

Latest piece from the studio is In the Company of Crows, 24" x 24" mixed media on canvas. It is off to a museum show on Sept. 2 in Clovis, NM. This was a fun piece to paint. I am trying to get a little looser with my work. There is always a story to go with each piece of art.

"She hung out with her friends, the crows, in a gown the color of the night sea under a full moon. The crows would decorate her by bringing gifts to hang in her hair. Nature became her throne and she became it’s guardian mother and protected future generations to come. "

Where has summer gone? Can it please start over? I was sooooo busy painting for shows and missed it. Bummer.

Masquerade Show Art

I have been invited in to a mask show called Masquerade at the Fuller Lodge Art Center in Los Alamos, NM. Here are the two pieces I painted for the show. Interesting how some pieces come together easily.

Fly Bye is 12" x 36" mixed media on panel with gold leaf, cast and molded objects.

On both the pieces I used paper clay for dimension. I love that Behind the Veil almost looks like a ceramic piece of art. I think I am loving this look.

 Behind the Veil, 12" x 12" mixed media on panel. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Creative Paperclay® Orange Bowl

I bought a huge bag of oranges the other day and figured I couldn't eat them all so I wrapped Creative Paperclay® around the top of the orange to make a small bowl. It is great to use for incense, to hold rings or ????

Creative Paperclay®
Paint or metallic rub
Orange Creative Paperclay® is rolled out then laid on top of an orange. Pat down to mold shape.

Next stamp with a doilie to give it a pattern. Obviously you can use whatever pattern is your favorite.
Roll a coil of the clay to make a base for your bowl. Then let the clay dry thoroughly. Either cut the orange off (and eat it) or let it dry out and shrink.


I painted the inside gold to pick up the orange's dimpling. The outside was stained brown with a gold rub added.

Thanks and hope you can find a place for this in your art.
—Darlene Olivia McElroy

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Recycle & Reuse

As a mixed media artist, we have lots of stuff that we can reuse over and over again in different ways. I have a storage unit in the backyard that I call the Crap Shack that if full of wonderful stuff. On this piece, Lucky in Love, I wanted to add some ornate edges to my piece so dug up an old collagraph plate and made them using Amazing Molding Putty, Creative Paperclay®. A collagraph plate is just a board with textured elements glued on then painted and run through a printing press. We are taking it to a new level by reusing it as a base for a mold.

Creative Paperclay®
Amazing Molding Putty
Metal Leaf

Here is my used collagraph plate. I used fake flowers, embossed wallpaper, sewing elements and burlap.
I applied the Amazing Molding Putty to the collagraph plate. I brayered it down so it was thin and flat.

When the putty had set up, I took it off the collagraph plate then flipped it over and brayered the clay on top of it. Do this gently so it doesn't roll up on to your brayer.
 I then flip the clay over letting it dry.
I finished it by trimming it, painting it with a red oxide paint which I let dry before applying metal leaf. I finished it with a buff wash of color.
On another piece of art I had painted it several shades of red and pink before adding a gold rub.

Enjoy and reuse! —Darlene Olivia McElroy

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Museum Show Piece

I am doing a series of house shapes for a museum show. Each house is part of a neighborhood and each represents a different kind of person that resides there.

Stripped, mixed media on panel. She had heard the call of the wild since she was a child. With the first breeze of spring she would strip down to her birthday suit and dance joyously around her backyard under the stars. She loved this so much that she gave away all her clothes to the exception of a t-shirt and jeans for those few public appearances.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fun with Odd Stuff

I am doing a series of house shapes for a museum show. Each house is part of a neighborhood and each represents a different kind of person that resides there.

The Queen of Compost, mixed media on panel, is about the one that is always in the garden growing things and giving them away because they grew more than they can use. They are painted on vinyl floor tiles mounted to panels with each having embossed text that tell the story.