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Reclaiming, Reworking to Make a New Story

Oh, my. I have so many art remnants from teaching, writing art books and experimenting. Periodically I go through them to either experiment more or to give them a new life. Man Oh Man, It's raining men, started as a piece from one of my books, Alternative Art Surfaces.


Piece of old art
Creative Paperclay®
Cast objects
Acrylic paint

I applied a wash of gesso over the surface to back down the image. This helped me to reclaim it and give start a new narrative. My work is all about the story.

After braying a sheet of Creative Paperclay® onto my surface, I stamped, stenciled and added cast objects. The flower was a dry cast Creative Paperclay® object while the others were damp when applied to the surface. I smooth out areas with a little water on my fingers. I wanted the escutcheon to be partially buried in the clay to give the feeling of age.

Once it has dried, I coated it with a layer of polymer medium matte to seal the clay before painting. I finished it by l…

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