Friday, June 26, 2009


Yeah. The web site for the book, Image Transfer Workshop, is finally up. Check out the bloopers and gallery. It was difficult to design a web site for two people with such difference tastes. We hope to enlarge the site in the future.

Laura Stanziola, my contact for great ephemera, has a video on YouTube that was filmed by some students at the local college for a class. If you check it out, you will get an idea of all her stuff.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Discovery

I just discovered Stephen Mackey's paintings and am completely wow'ed. I love the dark angst that you see in the work of the painters from centuries back.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Art from Chicago, Art from Amarillo

I have had great fun doing several one-on-one workshops.

The latest was with Kathy Botsford, Chicago area, who creates wonderful jewelry in addition to her mixed media and journaling. She is a bundle of energy and just absorbed information. Her son is #63 on the Notre Dame football team so cheer when you watch the games. We worked in a visit to Laura Stanziola for an ephemera shopping trip and we found wonderful handwritten recipes, braille sheets, doll heads and so much more.

Delightful Paula Hales and I laughed so much when she was here. Such great Texas stories amid all the great ideas  just flying out of her. The workshop was a surprise birthday gift from her very nice husband. Here is an image she created when she got back to Amarillo.