Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Forever Friends

They say there are three types of friends - friends for a moment, a season or a lifetime. I count both two and four legged friends in my life. My goal this year is let all my friends know how important that they are in my life and to do all I can to enhance their lives. This painting is about friends who have come and gone but are always cherished in my heart.

Forever Friends, 36" x 24", mixed media

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another Student - Judy Eckhart

Another fabulous student I have is Judy Eckhart who has worked for years as a traditional artist showing nationally. My challenge to her was to do an abstract painting since it was such a departure from her watercolors.

She started with a picture of a dress with an ornate necklace for inspiration. The middle image shows her half way through the process and the far right image is the final piece. She glued rusty metal and other objects after using a variety of surface treatments on the cradled panels.

I was impressed with how she found her inspiration.

My Student - Mary Ann Bennett

Mary Ann has always been an oil painter who wanted to try acrylics/mixed media so she took my class. This as yet unnamed piece started out with a canvas that she glued linen, string and prayer flags to, blocked in her colors in acrylics then added a stencil and gold leaf. Some of the gold leaf has been sanded back. She finished off the details using oils. It is a stunning piece in person and I am very proud of her.