Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hip. Hip. Hooray

Sandra and I finished all the projects for the book and have just shipped it off. What a load off our backs. In two weeks we are off to Cincinnati for the Photoshoot then when it is formatted by the staff at Northlight we get a final proofing before it is shipped to the printers. You would have blown me over 4 years ago if you told me I would write a book much less three. Life always takes us on an interesting path.

Monday, January 2, 2012

French Memories

I lived in France for several years and remember a day when I thought in French, the only songs I sang were French, my clothes were French and how I loved those French boys. Oh la la. And the wild wonderful food in the restaurants. Early May when the Muguet (a flower) bloomed they were cut and fried in a batter. Oh so good.

This piece reminded me how the sun felt on my face on those first warm days after a long cold winter when the first flowers were poking out.

Provence Memories, 12" x 12", mixed media on Panel