Thursday, July 26, 2012

Contemporary Hispanic Market

The market in Santa Fe this weekend gives me the chance to mix graphic and ornate in my feature piece, Celebration. The recycled frame originally held a mirror which I got rid of and added a panel in its place. I started the piece by adding gold leaf to the frame and the panel and then the collaging and painting began. I started with the look of old Spanish portraits then added all the goofy stuff I love like the red bowler and the lobster.

The inspiration of this was from the colors in an abstract painting I saw. What is Celebration about? Perhaps our performance on the stage of life, the rituals we surround ourselves with, good food and wild fun. The beauty of art is that we can each read our own story into a piece.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Fun with Plex

I have been having the best time playing with Plex. I did a whole series years ago and then forgot about it until a framer (via an artist friend) gave me tons of odd size scraps. I will be showing these for the first time at Contemporary Hispanic Market the last week end of this month. Interested in hearing what people say about it.

This is Road Show Star (16" x 7" on plexi with wood backing}. It has everything - gold leaf, stenciling, and collage on both sides of the plex

Book News

My second book, Surface Treatment Workshop, has just come out in German! Thrilled but just wish I could read it!

On Friday the fourth book proposal goes before the committee I should know if it made it by the end of the day. Keep your fingers crossed for me.