Thursday, June 26, 2014

Adding Dimensional Narrative to Your Art

As a narrative artist I often add words to my art. It may be handwriting, collaged words or dimensional words either store bought or made with Creative Paperclay®. Using it as a sweet spot in a painting, I find it is a great element for drawing the viewer into the art. These samples are details from three separate paintings I added it to.

Creative Paperclay®
Alphabet stamps, texture plates

So easy — the clay was applied to the art and stamped. When clay was dry, I added a burnt umber or red oxide acrylic paint then applied a gold rub when the paint had dried.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cows & Cowboys

Elwood Loves His Girls, 36" x 24" mixed media on panel, is a happy piece about ranching. I had started doing this cowboy/rancher piece when my friend, Barbara Dahl, sent me a packet of old letters, school reports & photos of her uncle (or maybe great uncle) Elwood. It arrived in the mail as a surprise and was perfect timing. Within 15 minutes some of the ephemera was in the piece. Having been raised on a ranch I know how flirty those long eyelashes on the cows can be so I figured Elwood loved them, his girls. My Elwood is such a Tom Mix dandy of a cowboy with his hat tipped back, pants tucked in his boots and a cigarette in his hand.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Golden Twitter

Cruising the web, I saw people creating beautiful work by carving into plaster and Creative Paperclay® and had to try it. Since it has wonderful adhesive properties, I find it sticks well to most surfaces plus love how it takes paint. This piece has both metal leaf, paint and deconstructed raised stencils.

Creative Paperclay®
Clay carving tools
Acrylic paint
Wood Panel

I started with a wood panel that I applied clear gesso to. It wasn't necessary but since I didn't know if I was going leave the wood showing or not it seemed like a good thing to do. When dry, I sketched out my design.

At this time I added the paperclay to the surface, carving as I added more.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yippee for Me & Yeah for You

I was asked to be on the Creative Paperclay® design team which means I learn a lot of cool stuff and, of course, pass it on to you. So every two weeks or so I will be sharing tips and techniques using paperclay with you. I hope you enjoy it and learn a trick or two.