Thursday, February 25, 2016

Crazy Easy Beaded Curtains

My dear friend, Pat Chapman, and I just wrote Mixed Media in Clay. One of the projects done in the course of writing the book was a beaded curtain out of cast objects and beads. While many of the objects were 3D resin casts, you could easily recreate a beaded curtain with Creative Paperclay® and push molds.


Creative Paperclay®
Silicone/Push molds
Acrylic Paint
Wire or string


 Using a skewer to make a hole to string your beads, make a bead of Creative Paperclay® and add texture using a texture plate or rubber stamp.
Wet your finger and smooth any edges.

Keep making beads. Create two objects from each press mold so you can glue them together later on. Before we do that,  let them dry and trim or sand them.

I glue the two similar object together placing a plastic coated wire in between. Because the wire is plastic, I can just wiggle it out the piece and have a hole ready for stringing.

Stained and ready to string. I might add some store bought beads or found objects for variety.

Play with clay and dream in color.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Paperclay Chocolates

 Faux Valentine candy for all of us on a diet. These would also make a nice addition to a name card at a holiday dinner party. Beware, my husband bit into one of these and would have swallowed it if I hadn't practically yanked it out of his mouth. Seriously.


Several shades of brown paint
Creative Paperclay® or Delight®
 I have had this mold for years and periodically it surfaces in my studio. I thought this was a perfect for a Creative Paperclay® project. I pressed it into the mold, removed and let dry.
When dry I painted them with several shades of brown paint.

Note: there are five in this picture and four in the first one.

Have fun with art just don't eat it.

Dream in Color

Darlene Olivia McElroy