Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dimensional Still Life

Being a mixed media artist allows me to expand my techniques and art aresenal. I would have a lot less art stuff if I stuck to one media but I love it all. One thing I love to do is to finish off my art with texture and I achieve this with both cast and suclpted Creative Paperclay®.


Acrylic paint
Silicone molds
Creative Paperclay®
Sculpting tools
Soft gel

Before casting my objects, I mix a dark blue acrylic paint in a bag with my Creative Paperclay®. It keeps my hands clean and allows me to mix the two completely. Then I apply the colored clay to my silicone mold and let it dry thoroughly. At that point I can glue them to my surface with a soft gel. The bees on the right hand side of the papers were also done this way. I finished them off by rubbing a lighter color of paint on them.

I lightly dampened the surface of the painting then applied the clay in the shape of an orchid. Using several different tools, I started blocking in the shape and smoothed the edges with water on my fingers. When finished, I let dry then painted it with my acrylics.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Adding Texture to My Art

I love, love, love mixed media. It lets me have endless options with my art. Here I am recycling an older piece of art and adding the curved shape created with Creative paperclay®. I applied to my panel surface by brayering it flat, trimmed the shape then smoothed the edges with water on my finger.

Note: If your clay is too thick, you are likely to get cracks in it. They can be fixed but better to think ahead.

My next step is to stamp words and shapes into the clay. Once this dries I will coat it with polymer medium and paint.