Mining found objects for metaphors and the stories they hold also cleans up the environment so I guess you can call this green art. I love to glue and combine odd assortments of images so I have a lot of fun in the creation of these pieces.

See more assemblage pieces at my web site.

Lassoing Life has old radiator pieces, scrabble tiles, bone, my dog's baby teeth, etc. Truly recycled art with a story.


Pearl of the Sea was a fun one to create. It sold to a friend who love mermaids so I do get to visit it when I go to Laguna Beach. I loved combining wave, boat and fish shapes with the figure to make a new story.

Queen of Cups was created for a cup show at a local gallery. Occasionally you make a piece that you wish you had kept. This is one of those pieces. The design and the memories of the time are what appeal to me.



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