Nothing but color

Taking a break this week from pushing myself so hard. Just painting, reading, visiting with friends and that is about all. And it feels so good.

The assemblage here is a piece of my good friend Pat Chapman's that I love and own. Pat is a wonderfully demented artist with a wicked sense of humor. We are two wild and crazy girls when we get together. Almost too much to take.


Davinia said…
Hi Darlene, just discovered your blog. Was looking at an Australian on line book site and saw your image transfer book and thought yay! I'll order that straight away as those damn image transfers have got me beat. Then I saw it won't be released until next year. Please, please, please hurry up and finish it. I'm desperate to master them. I love your art and will follow your blog with great delight now that I have found it.Kind regards.......Davinia
Your art is AWESOME, Darlene . . . really BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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