Indian Summer

I am so thankful of these last wonderful days before it gets cold. I was meant to live somewhere warm and tropical. With a pina colada in my hand and a good book in the other on the beach in a warm land with ocean breezes.

Finally got my first video, Demented Gold Leaf, out on YouTube. Not ultra professional but we must all start somewhere. Have come up with some other demented gold leaf techniques using joss paper and either rubber cement or UHU glue.

Just delivered my piece shown here to Owings Dewey gallery in Santa Fe for their shrine show. It is two 6" x 24" ampersand panels with a gutter of burnt book pages inbetween. The theme was good and evil so I used the Mexican writer Sor Juana and the Viceroy of Monterrey. I am painting away for my next show in Scottsdale in December (3 person show) at Victoria Boyce Galleries. She said she wanted BIG pieces and I freaked. I had started a 2' x 2' and decided to add another panel and make it a diptych so I felt better with working larger.


Davinia said…
Just watched you Demented Gold youtube video. What a fabulous technique, thanks for sharing.

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