Holiday Thoughts

I did too much driving over Thanksgiving. Santa Fe to Tucson to Scottsdale and back. But saw great scenery, good friends, and ate great food.

Today I have been thinking about my friend, Lena Bartula, who lives a beautiful house in Pozos, Mexico. She left Santa Fe years ago and is always in my thoughts. Here is one of her pieces.

Sent out my first e-newsletter this week. A few bugs but overall very well received. I have a new calender page every month with a piece art and techniques used plus tips and techniques.

Had a great dream last night where I was ironing gold leaf onto a piece of art. Immediately tried to google it this morning and came up blank. Too bad, as it sounded very interesting.


Davinia said…
I was trying to submit to your e-newsletter but it keeps telling me I have an invalid security code. Can you help?

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