Time is definitely flying by

Here is next month's calendar page for you. January flew by and I don't even remember the holidays!

My first salon, Creative Mad Dash, was last Tuesday and there was a combination of beginners through professional artists. It was time to work on their art, get a demo on demand and a glass of wine. Lots of work was created, great conversation and next time I will buy a bigger bottle of wine. It got a bit wild and crazy but I love that.

When your acrylics are still wet, spray some Fantastik on it and you will get a lovely speckled pattern.


rebecca said…

you have unleashed my heart.

i am adding you to the keep my finger on your creative pulse list, "saints and sinners". ( something i do slowly with great thought and discrimination)

came to you by way of pat chapman

Sandra Foster said…
Thanks for the little tip snippet. I love these and must try it. Part of the creative fun is in the experimenting right!

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