On the Wild Side

Art Redux. Got part of a painting you like or an older painting that's not quite you anymore. The latest thing I hear my friends talking about is leveraging their art. Taking an older piece of work or a piece of it and turning into a piece of art that reflects their art today.

I had done a direct gesso transfer years ago of a sultry European woman and found it when going through my drawers. I scanned it into the computer and did a lot of layering, next I plan to print it out large and add more paint. I like the edginess of it.


Denise said…
From one of your newest fans - I love this piece! the faceless decolletage provokes a hidden story! ~Denise
Unknown said…
Hi! Thought I would check-in! on the blog! Wanted to read fellow homeowner stories, but--OH MY LORD. This post made me incredibly nauseated...

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