Ingres Redux

I am currently working on a series of Ingres Redux. Taking old images and giving them a new and different life. Honoring the past. These are gampi transfers on vintage scrapbook pages with floral decal glued on them. This one is 8" x 8" and I am feeling it is just a start for pieces that will be much bigger. My little head is bursting with ideas of all the places I can go with this.

Someone asked what a gampi transfer is - it is a laser or inkjet print on gampi tissue, also known as silk tissue.


*jean* said…
omgosh! this is gorgeous! i have been inspired by layers in photoshop to create more and more layers in my work....this is just beautiful! i'll look forward to seeing more!
Stunning work--it excites me, too,just thinking of possibilities--
Anonymous said…
Hi Darlene,

This is a stunning piece and I am truly enjoying my visit to your web site and blog. I have just discovered your work today and I am thrilled! I am a digital artist with a similar design style, and I am attracted to your selection of colors, slightly gothic style, and your fabulous ability with textures. In addition to my love for digital I am also obsessed with assemblage and collage and find your work to be very inspirational.

I have added your link to my blog and will certainly visit often. Your work is truly superb!

Take care,


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