Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things are Popping

I have just recorded two new videos for YouTube. One is about fiber paste techniques and the other is Gampi techniques (one of my favs) It will probably take a couple weeks to edit them but had fun alot of fun doing them. I should do one on bloopers.

Just hours before I left for California, I found out that our second book proposal was accepted and they have already scheduled the photoshoot for March. Isn't that crazy!!! The subject will be surfaces and pushing the techniques.

FYI - Check out the review for Image Transfer Workshop in the September issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


We are all mothers to children (I skipped that one), dogs, art pieces, and creative thoughts. Think of the amount of time we spend on the nest of creativity waiting for that piece of art we are working on to be born into a finished piece of art. I can spend hours looking at a half done piece, just absorbing, then like magic the missing pieces all come together.

I am off on vacation next week to SoCal to feel the sun on my face, the sea breezes and shop for shoes. Should be a new woman when I come back and ready to write more.

Art Stories

I love the stories that suddenly appear while you are working on a piece of art. This one is about a young boy dreaming about what the future will bring. It started with an vintage print that some friends gave me. The leaning tower of Pisa just seemed to work as the boy looked Italian and it went from there. Plus I had the fun of working with unusual perspective with things receding or coming forward in unexpected ways.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the Wild Side

Art Redux. Got part of a painting you like or an older painting that's not quite you anymore. The latest thing I hear my friends talking about is leveraging their art. Taking an older piece of work or a piece of it and turning into a piece of art that reflects their art today.

I had done a direct gesso transfer years ago of a sultry European woman and found it when going through my drawers. I scanned it into the computer and did a lot of layering, next I plan to print it out large and add more paint. I like the edginess of it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blog Challenges

To try and have a new image for each blog is sometimes a challenge in a busy world. It reminds of a time years ago when I tried doing a piece a day for a month but, of course, I picked December which is the craziest month of the year.

So this piece is a demo piece with a gampi inkjet transfer that I did at the book signing at Artisan in Santa Fe. August 27 is the next book signing and its in Los Alamos.

Made a big decision to rent a climate controlled storage facility to store my art so I could have more room in my studio to paint.