Dog Farts, Art & the Future

Here I sit surrounded by 3 dogs farting. I can barely breathe. It must have been the pig ears. They are so totally cut off!

It appears that the art market is bouncing back. Several of my friends have had big sales in the last week or two. Other friends are having fun trying out new things. Spring has sprung. Yah Yeah.

Sandra and I put in a proposal for book number three and first response has been real positive. Still has to go through several more folks before we hear anything definite but we are very excited about the possibilities in what we are proposing.

I am in a show at Jennie Cooley tomorrow night, Hot Monkey Love, which should be very edgy since all my friends are doing deviant art for it. Reflection on my friends, isn't it. Personally, I hate monkeys - if you read my last newsletter, you already know that. Long childhood story.

Back to the studio. With book deadlines and my husband's health issue, I haven't had time to play. So ready. Bet you are too.


Numinosity said…
Hi, I just found your blog thanks to my relative, Jamie
who we happen to be visiting at the moment. I look forward to looking through your blog some more.

rebecca said…
hot monkey love indeed!

(come see my deviant ode to spring)

you have my head spinning and hands poised for painting.

thanks for always inspiring me,
Dog farts and monkey love...lovin' your new work. Hope I get to see it in person soonish. Love ya more than a hot monkey!

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