Wash Me

Sometimes there are too many important things to do and you let some things slip away - like cooking. Actually, it is windy season here in the desert which means dusting at least 3x a day. Max Lehman, ceramic artist and excellent cook, was over returning a piece of his that he had borrowed for a show and wrote "wash me" on my stove. I laughed so hard my stomach ached.

Speaking of cooking—wonderful mixed media artist Pat Chapman really rocks when she cooks. When she lived in Santa Fe we did dinner parties ALL the time. The tradition continues here every Thursday but it isn't the same without that wild child. I am putting a cover on my portal so during the summer monsoon season we can still eat dinner outside. Can't wait until it warms up so we can dine al fresco.

Got to go so I can cook up some art so I will have some art to post next time.


Next time I come to visit Max and I will have to dust off that stove top of yours and have a mole vs. posole slap down and then sit outside and eat vast quantities washed down with pomegranate martinis.

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