Bye Baby Sis

My sweet tormented baby sister died last week far too young. So sad to see her go but have learned alot from her and about myself while wrapping up her life. It is all about loving each other, respecting people's choices and spending more time with the ones you love. Soar high my sister-friend.


rebecca said…
what can one say? every word rings true, even in their inherent enormity.

i offer you compassion, courage, understanding and above all else love.
the willingness to love and understand in spite of the risks.

for your sister? peace. absolute peace.

holding you both in love.
WildGoddess said…
My vast heart is holding you, your family, and your beloved sister, who will never really leave you. Blessings to you all!
Artistrosie said…
Saying Goodbye is always sad but they really are never faraway from your thoughts and memories of time past. Hugs and Prayers for Peace. Rosemary

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