Future Dreams

Busy week for me. I withdrew from Jennie Cooley Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. It wasn't working for me which means it was working for Jennie either. Change of vision, I think. Please check out her gallery when you are in town. The gallery and Jennie are both so much fun.

I have moved on to La Posada Resort on Palace Street and will be hanging there next week. Sara, the curator, is a whirlwind of marketing energy. The hotel is elegant, has ghosts and they have a wonderful weekly tour starting in the kitchen and ending up with the art collection. I am thrilled.

Yes, I am still doing nudes. This one is a weird combination of bubbles, christmas lights and mums. I know, I have an odd spin on things but it made me happy.

100 Points of Light
24" x 24" mixed media on panel


Unknown said…
I absolutely love it!

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