Learning New Stuff

The semi-annual studio tour was last weekend and I had lots of fellow artists and students come - not to mention all the neighbors who wanted to see the house. We are a curious species, aren't we. Getting ready for the tour and cleaning up the studio took a lot of time which meant no blogging.

I have printed several pieces of my art on fabric at spoonflower.com. It is so cool but not sure what I am going to do with it. Also had some printed on to metal, bamboo and plexiglas at Harvest Productions in Anaheim. Though the samples were interesting, I found the service less than desirable. Too bad as I had used them years ago and they were great then.

Hoping to paint through the upcoming holiday.


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Hello QOG,
I appreciate your knowledge and sharing of info.
I love to learn new stuff.

I'm loving your new work. It's very evocative.
Cate Goedert

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