New Transfer Techniques

I have been playing with some new transfer techniques. Waxpaper works (varies with brand) as well as a combination of soap and turpentine.

When Sandra and I were writing the book we would sit around and just try and figure out what could get an image to transfer. Ironing an image to plastic wrap was my big idea - and worked so well.

This piece, Splish Splash, started with this great image of a little girl with a hose that made such a great line.


Unknown said…
Hummm, wax paper? Soap and turps? Does the image above reflect these techniques? Love your work!
Angela said…
Yeah, how did you use wax paper for a transfer? Do tell! :)
Gloria said…
Love this one! You have certainly got me interested in how you use plastic wrap and wax paper.
Gloria said…
You mentioned a book...does it include how you use plastic wrap and wax paper? Is your book published yet? If so, what is the title and how do I find it?

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