Cloth, Paper, Scissors

Just got the latest issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and I am the featured artist. Yahoo. Well written article. It will be interesting to see what happens or not.

Just got back from Tucson where the weather was perfect. I was delivering 14 pieces of art to Jane Hamilton Fine Art on Skyline Drive in the foothills. One of the pieces was this collaborative piece I did with my friend Mary Parkes called Trust Fund Babies, 12" x 48". It was both fun and difficult to collaborate but definitely a great learning experience.


Rebeca Trevino said…
just got caught up with your recent blog posts . . . OMG you have been busy. congrants on all of it. the workshops, the shows, the publicity with the local press, the magazines, the BOOK!
all of it is terrific.

and the work ain't bad either. keep up the great work.
Maria said…
I read the article in CPS, and it was great! Checked out your website art gallery. :)
Unknown said…
I just loved the article and it has inspired me on my latest piece. I couldn't wait to write down notes so I wouldn't miss anything while my piece is in progress. Great job.
Vicki Styons said…
I am visiting your blog after reading about you and seeing some of your work in CPS. Obviously I was very impressed.
Peggy H said…
The leftovers have been dispatched and I now have found time to peruse my cps mag. I rarely if ever follow up with the online research, but I'm glad I did this time. I'm a quilter at heart but find so much inspiration from the mixed media. I'll be checking in with your site regularly.

Thanks for the inspiration

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