One on One Mixed Media Workshop

This week I have a lovely British woman who flew in from Kobe, Japan, to do a one on one workshop. She is delightful and came with a lot of unique Japanese images. This workshop is flying. These one person workshops get so much more accomplished because we are working on person's unique vision or specific areas they want to learn in.

Since I am working on book #4 and my video for Artful Gathering so there has been a minimum of time for painting. My big piece is still in progress but I did manage to finish this piece, Flutter, 24" x 24" mixed media on panel. I have a whole wall full of blank canvases that I am calling my 2013 wall. Every time I look at it I get excited for the time that I can start on all of them.

Enjoy the Holidays and make time for yourself.


softearthart said…
Lovely image,
cheers Marie

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