Playing Around

I have been playing with alot of new techniques for me but maybe old to you. Layering paint, joss paper and fabric then sewing it all together. I thought I wouldn't like the sewing part but really enjoyed it and plan to make many more along this line. I like the idea of embedding things between layers of voile.

I have also been creating fabric patchwork on art panels and finishing it off with an image transfer. I usually make a transparency of the image first so I can see if it works with the fabric combination. Of course I leave nothing untouched. I went back in with collage, paint and conté crayon.

I find that winter is the best time to experiment since it is dark and cold and I would rather be at home. I get a lot done this time of year.


Angela said…
Dear Darlene, I have been receiving your newsletters for several years now and I really appreciate your sharing and inspiring. I have been waylaid by 'life' and haven't exercised my mindset around my artistic skills and passions. It has been left so dormant that breaking it from the winter ice has been difficult. In all my morning papers and other journaling, one message comes forward - sewing, fabric, texture. I inherited two skills, technical drawing and sewing. I have somehow felt recently that I can combine the two and make a artistic statement of my own. Fear tends to put me in my place and I don't do much and I let life get in my way to procrastinate. But this year for what ever reason I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and am determined to take the risk. Anyway, your comment about not thinking you would like the sewing and did brought a smile to my face. See, I, too can take my passion in sewing and turn it to a creative tool. So, thanks. Thank you for continue to inspire, teach and support. Gracias!
Maria said…
Those are lovely pieces! I love to experiment with paper and sewing machine, and paint on fabric too.

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