Finders Keepers

The great stories our old pieces tell about us and how we have progressed. I found this old chair back and the piece used for the crown in the trash at Las Gaviotas, Baja Norte, Mexico. My girlfriends and I were staying at this lovely complex and were taking a walk one evening and there was this treasure waiting for me. Thank god they are all artists and understand dumpster diving.

Years later I was given a delightful old chair back and it lived in the studio for years. Magically this piece just came together. It had just been waiting for me to see it for what it really was meant to be. It had been missing one finial and that was replaced with a plastic bird that was rusted prior to being attached.


Rebeca Trevino said…
these are both beautiful, but the second one takes my breath away.
love the little bird in place of the lost finial.

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