Monday, April 15, 2013

Be Prepared to Start Your Engines

In every drawer in the studio I have tons of back- grounds waiting to evolve into finished art pieces. Most started out either as demos in class (usually several demos on top of each other) or experiments. If I am not in the mood to paint or have limited time, I create a background.

Periodically I sort through these looking for a background that wants desperately to be finished. Some will show up in my videos or become a sample in one of my books. Whatever trip it goes on it was made easier because I had a half finished piece to start with.

All mixed media artists know that you never throw out anything. You just throw more paint at it.

Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm in the Movies Now!

Just came back from a trip to CA to work on the video again. I think I made this into a bigger production than I needed to but the first time is always like that. Like a Virgin!

It didn't help that while working on this the last few months that I had a bad case of allergies and that I was beat from doing the book at the same time. So energy really fluctuates and you hear congestion from time to time. Thank God for all those allergy meds.

Was I nuts to do all this at one time? Yes and no. To work with Artful Gathering 2013 and with Zinnia who runs it is a pleasure and I will learn a lot from this experience. And, hey, if you are interested in buying the video and taking the class just go to