Art, Love & Spring

What a difference a month makes. Last month was brown and it seemed like winter would never end. Now the trees are getting buds and blossoms. Spring is all about hope and possibilities to me. Five paintings were started but only a few made it to completion so far this month. Every piece of art I do is a search to learn something new or finding a way to stretch myself. Sometimes a new technique, others a size or proportion of a panel that I haven't worked with before. The shape of the above piece was different for me plus the use of cast paper clay with a metallic look is something I rarely do.

Lucky in Love, 8.75" x 36" mixed media on panel, is about being lucky enough to find the special person, career and friends that you truly love. That love is like spring where it starts out as a bud of possibility and grows in to a flower in full bloom. Hopefully it doesn't wither and die but stays perfect as long as it is meant to be.


Just a beautiful piece - let's get together sometime soon!

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