All Souls Day vs Halloween

I tend to be a serious person with a humorous flip side. The story is what I am most interested in. Most of my work deals with the past and people. This year, to honor all the souls that I wished I had spent more time with,  I created a shrine in their honor. I had found this wood Mexican shrine at the local flea market. It was missing a door which had a "wing" feel to it. One wing means in search of completion so it seemed perfect for my project.

Supplies I used for the project were:
found objects
cast hand
pocket watch fob
alphabet stamps

I rolled out the paperclay in the recess of the frame. Stamped my words into it then added the objects to tell my story about time and letting go.

Then I painted the paperclay burnt umber and when it was dry I added gold rub. Scraps from an old wood rug were glued around the text and a crystal was hung from the bottom.

Finally resin was poured into the watch fob with the internal watch works scattered in the resin. When the resin had cured, it was sanded back for a matte finish.

On all souls day remember those you miss and spend time with your friends.

Comments said…
Sooo cool. Nice art piece. :)
darla said…
a beautiful piece of artwork
Meme said…
Great piece of ART!
Love the sentiment involved!
Unknown said…
What a great piece of art!!! Nice job!!!!
Anonymous said…
thank you for sharing!
Joe Rotella said…
I love this - right up my street. Very nice!!

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