Nothing Like Aged Metal

I love old architectural elements and aged metal. If you catch me at the flea market I am hanging out at the vendors who sell this wonderful stuff. This is an example of Creative Paperclay® made to look like an old metal door detail.

Creative Paperclay®
Indonesian wood block
Acrylic paint (black & micaceous oxide)
Gold & silver rub

Apply Creative Paperclay® over an old Indonesian wood block or anything with lots of texture. Let the Creative Paperclay® dry completely.

When dry, paint with a matte black paint and let dry.

Apply gold and silver rub to the highlights.

For a final coat, apply a watered down micaceous oxide acrylic paint and liberally apply salt the wet paint. Let the paint dry thoroughly. The salt will adhere and gives it the gritty texture of age.

Take time to play and make art.

Darlene Olivia McElroy


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