Thursday, November 27, 2014

Samples for the Big Picture

Before I go blindly into creating a big painting, I will do sample tests to see if what I am thinking about will actually look good. It saves a lot of time and may take you off in another direction. I keep the samples around because they may work perfectly in a project down the road or as a collage element in another painting.

Creaive PaperClay®
Matte Medium
Raw Umber

On a lightly dampened masonite panel, I laid out coils of paperclay in lines and brayered them down flat.
I then laid coils in the opposite direction and brayered them flat creating a cross hatched pattern. You could leave the coils as lines or make circular shapes. The beauty is that you are the master of your universe.

I then added some (patterned) lines to the background for interest plus I wanted these to show up when I stained the piece later.

When it was dry I then coated it with white gesso.

After the gesso had dried it was coated with a layer of matte medium. This gives me more control with the staining.

When the medium has dried, I applied raw umber acrylic paint and immediate wiped off so it was only left in the recesses.

My next step will be to add resin into the holes as a test but that is for another day.

There is so much joy in experimenting — Darlene Olivia McElroy

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nothing Like Aged Metal

I love old architectural elements and aged metal. If you catch me at the flea market I am hanging out at the vendors who sell this wonderful stuff. This is an example of Creative Paperclay® made to look like an old metal door detail.

Creative Paperclay®
Indonesian wood block
Acrylic paint (black & micaceous oxide)
Gold & silver rub

Apply Creative Paperclay® over an old Indonesian wood block or anything with lots of texture. Let the Creative Paperclay® dry completely.

When dry, paint with a matte black paint and let dry.

Apply gold and silver rub to the highlights.

For a final coat, apply a watered down micaceous oxide acrylic paint and liberally apply salt the wet paint. Let the paint dry thoroughly. The salt will adhere and gives it the gritty texture of age.

Take time to play and make art.

Darlene Olivia McElroy

Sunday, November 9, 2014

More is More or Less is Less?

I like stories within stories in my art so usually more is more. I was working on this piece, Second Sight, a 12" x 12" mixed media on panel, and I stopped at this point. I like the simplicity of this piece but wasn't sure if it was really working or I needed a break. I loved the triangle between the hands and the face. Anyhow, after several friends yelled STOP at me.....I did. It has a very cloister/nun-like kind of feel to me and I do like it.

The day before I had done Black Magic Eight Ball, a 12" x 12" mixed media on panel, which is in the more is more vein of my usual work. I love those magic eight balls and to put it in a classical setting made me laugh.

Looking forward to seeing what today brings.