Making a Romantic Focal Point

I love using Creative Paperclay® to make a statement in my paintings. I am also fascinated by the lover's eye artwork that was popular in the late 1700's. Eye miniatures are believed to have originated when the Prince of Wales (later George IV) felt the need to send the widow Maria Fitzherbert a token of his love. This gesture and the romance that went with it was frowned upon by the court, so a miniaturist was employed to paint only the eye and thereby preserve anonymity and decorum. This theme allowed me to create a very decorated piece.

Creative Paperclay®
Acrylic paint
A painted base
Glass eye

 I started by applying clay to my substrate. I rolled it flat with a brayer before adding the texture with a rubber stamp and trimming the shape. I went back in with a clay shaper to add texture to the flames.

When the clay was semi-dry, I added the glass eye in a decorative shape after smoothing it with water.

Once dry, I coated it with matte medium and painted it with acrylic paints.

Do you have someone to send a lover's eye to?

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