Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hello, Goodbye

Sometimes we change our mind. Maybe it is the concept behind the piece of art, we couldn't execute the vision we saw in our mind or ???? With Creative Paperclay®, it is easy to remove the clay if our project doesn't work out. In this case, I had added a fennec (Saharan) fox on my art piece but changed my concept for the piece. I needed to remove it so I could continue on with my painting.


Dried Creative Paperclay®
Paper Towels
Metal Palette Knife/Scraper

I covered the clay with very wet paper towels and leave on until the clay softened.

Then I scrapped it off. If some of the clay is still hard just reapply the wet paper towels again.

When all the clay is removed, I can continue to work on the piece. The playing never stops.

Dream in Color.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

So Delightful!

I love the marshmellowy feel of Delight®. It is perfect for the series of frames for some old tintypes to give as gifts. Delight is light when dry and takes texture well.


Micaceous Oxide paint

Cut off strips of Delight® and push down on them to roughly form the shape of a frame.

I used rubber stamps, a latex mold and embossed wall paper to add textures to the Delight®.

After it was trimmed into a rough square shape I added some of the cut off pieces to the fron plus some cast flowers. Then I stamped it with alphabet stamps.

I finished the frame shape by painting a wash of micaceous oxide acrylic paint. While the paint was still wet, I salted it to give it a aged look. Now to find the right tintype for the window. At this point, I can still make the window larger if needed to fit the image.

Play with art and dream in color!