Adding Dimension with Creative Paperclay®

I wanted to paint a face with raised areas so after sketching in the face with a pencil, I started adding in Creative Paperclay® to the features of the face.

Creative Paperclay®
Acrylic paint
Cookie cutter
Mark making tools

After the paper clay dried the next step was to block in the face with paint. Because my paintings are like doing a puzzle, I started placing objects for size and to see if they would add to the story.

I rolled out some clay on a sheet of plastic and used the cookie cutter to create the shape. Use different mark making tools and stamps, I added the design in the clay. Last, I took a wet paint brush to smooth out the edges. Normally, I use my fingers but because of the detail I used the brush.

This is how I work when I paint. A little here and a little there.


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