First Pink Challenge Submission

This is the first art piece that I have receive on the my Pink Challenge. It is Angels with Flowers by Vicki Basta of Santa Fe. You can see more of her work on Original Art Online.

Tip: Adding Energy to Your Work
When working on a piece and you want to add energy, do something different to the substrate. Turn it so you are working from a different direction, do a new technique or change the color of the paint. You will find something so seeming insignificant can add a little spark.

Thinking Size
Use size as an emotional approach to your audience. Small pieces are intimate, gem-like and tend to pull you into the piece. Something medium size is more directly personal. While anything larger than our body has a grandeur. Image the difference between being in a closet versus being in a ballroom. Before you start your piece of art, remember that the message of your piece is conveyed in its size in addition to your subject.


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