What a Surprise!

Was cruising through Amazon this weekend and see my book with Sandra Duran Wilson, Image Transfer Workshop, available for pre-orders at an incredible price. The publishers said it wouldn't be available for pre-orders until May. Hmmm?


Moira said…
It is showing on Amazon in the UK too so I have pre-ordered my copy.
Angela said…
Hello. I went to Amazon and it does say it is not available yet and you are pre-ordering. So, you're good - no hanky panky on the publishers part. I can't wait to see it. I have tried various techniques and it is funny how you can do a transfer technique and it works fine, you try the same method again another time and it doesn't work. I haven't gotten a happy accident yet like your student in the blog post that comes after this one. Angela
Marilyn said…
Darlene, I'm anxiously awaiting your book. I took your class at The Art Bar in Santa Ana. Lots of frustrations since that class -- as in 3M changed the formula for their transparency film and it took me quite a while to get a package of Lazertran. I'm happily working with Jet White paper transfers, somewhat frustrated with Apollo transparency transfers. So, wish the date for the release was sooner. Just have to wait!!!!

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