From Surface Treatment Workshop

Some techniques if not persued further look like just old grunge.
The pulled paper technique in Surface Treatment Workshop is really just a step to your finished piece not your finished piece as most of the techniques are. It is the layering of images and surface techniques that make a piece interesting.

The top example is what was done with the pulled paper/wet gel transfer technique and the second is what it could become when it is pushed further with drawings, collage and paint. I personally love that in and out of focus thing that is happening.


Darlene-I have been trying to reach you in regards to me hosting a technique from your book in my mixed media yahoo group (Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts) for the month of Feb. 2012. I would like to get your permission to share one technique and get you more exposure for your book. Please contact me. If I don't hear back from you soon, I will assume you are not interested and will move on to the next book on my list. Thanks!

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