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This is my first 48" x 48" canvas that I have worked on and I am amazed by how much more paint it takes. Could it be because it is canvas versus my regular panel? I am having a good time but it is still taking getting a little used to moving this back and forth from my easel to table when I am painting real wet.

I have some round shapes and green shapes taped on to the canvas in order to do color, size and images checks before I commit to the next step. This is also one of those cases where the name is coming before the finished piece. I am thinking either holy water or soul searching for a title.

On the wall is more yet unfinished work. A commission came in so everything else is left for another day.


Judy Shea said…
This is going to be gorgeous.. it already is but.........
Vicki Romaine said…
I recently bought your Image Transfer Workshop book and there are a couple of products I am not familiar with. Can you give me a little more description and/or brand name and maybe where I can find them.

Soft gel (gloss)
Lazartran for ink-jet
Silacone paper

You book does a good job at showing the steps. However, you might consider for the next book giving a little more description and help at obtaining the products needed. This would greatly help the beginner. If there is an internet source for all these supplies, please refer them as I have search some of the sources given in your book will no success.

Please reply to the following e-mail: vickiromaine@yahoo,com

Looking forward to hearing from you and trying out some of the techniques in your book.

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