Bling. Bling. Gold Leaf!

I love gold leaf and have been experimenting with it for my book on alternative surfaces. Bleach is my new favorite art tool. On this piece the the surface was painted in a patchwork of color so I could see which I liked best showing through when I finished the next two steps. I added gold leaf (the cheap stuff not the REAL gold leaf) then applied the bleach pen. The longer you leave it on the more dramatic the effect. I then wash it off with soap and water. My favorite colors showing through are iron oxide and dark green.


Hastypearl said…
Ok. I can see this as being an incredibly useful background. What is your favorite adhesive for gold leaf. For you to say that you rinsed it off with water...hmmm...must have really been stuck on there!
I washed off the bleach. Guess I wasn't clear.

I use Aquasize or spray glue depending on the piece of art

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