Sew Much Fun

This piece started out with a bag of fabric scraps a friend of mine gave me. Most of them had an Asian feel. I was giving my class a demo on different kinds of transfer techniques so decided to do a waterslide decal on this one. Wasn't sure of the image to put on but after doing research on the web I found out that in late 1800s and early 1900s western women would have parties where they dressed as geishas hence the name Going Japanese. The transfer was sanded over, a little paint was added as well as a Japanese stamp and writing.

Sometimes it takes so little to create a piece of art. To me the struggle is in the mind not in the actual creation.

If you are going to try put a transfer on a busy surface like this. Think about where your lights and quieter places are and try to visualize how the image will look on top of a pattern. You can always print on transparency film and lay it over as a test to see how the image will look.


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