Recycle & Reuse

As a mixed media artist, we have lots of stuff that we can reuse over and over again in different ways. I have a storage unit in the backyard that I call the Crap Shack that if full of wonderful stuff. On this piece, Lucky in Love, I wanted to add some ornate edges to my piece so dug up an old collagraph plate and made them using Amazing Molding Putty, Creative Paperclay®. A collagraph plate is just a board with textured elements glued on then painted and run through a printing press. We are taking it to a new level by reusing it as a base for a mold.

Creative Paperclay®
Amazing Molding Putty
Metal Leaf

Here is my used collagraph plate. I used fake flowers, embossed wallpaper, sewing elements and burlap.
I applied the Amazing Molding Putty to the collagraph plate. I brayered it down so it was thin and flat.

When the putty had set up, I took it off the collagraph plate then flipped it over and brayered the clay on top of it. Do this gently so it doesn't roll up on to your brayer.
 I then flip the clay over letting it dry.
I finished it by trimming it, painting it with a red oxide paint which I let dry before applying metal leaf. I finished it with a buff wash of color.
On another piece of art I had painted it several shades of red and pink before adding a gold rub.

Enjoy and reuse! —Darlene Olivia McElroy


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