Textured Rope Letters

This is another incredibly easy way to add words to your art. Create rope letters made with Creative Paperclay® directly on your art. There is no limit when it comes to size or the number of letters.

Creative Paperclay®
Alphabet stamps, texture plates
Paint or metallic rub

The clay is rolled out in to long ropes and the words are laid on the art surface. Sometimes I will dampen the surface slightly for better adhesion.
Next I lay a texture plate over the clay to embloss words into the clay. I like the fact that they are not legible.
 Now I let the clay dry. When dry I can paint or add a rub to the clay.
Here it is finished with a gold rub and embellishments.
Thanks and hope you can find a place for this in your art.
—Darlene Olivia McElroy


Rebeca Trevino said…
this is great.
i am sure i will use these in my art . . .
Odile said…
Love love love the little "orange" bowl - and the mold which can be reused again and again !

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