Hands Up!

I wanted to make an organic looking hand. It is actually a little creepy but I was thinking of New Orleans and all the voodoo shops when I was creating it.


Creative Paperclay®
Aluminum foil
Wood skewers
Encaustic Was
Raw umber acrylic paint

The easy part was to gather all the pieces for my armature as they were all in my kitchen.  I started with making a wad of aluminum foil for the palm area of the hand.

Next I pushed the trimmed skewers into the foil. I found that I had to trim the skewers a little more than I had originally.

Paper clay was applied to my armature. I did this in several steps. I would do one side, let it dry and do the other side. It made it easier to control plus it worked great as the new clay adheres to the dry clay well.

Finally I added a wash of raw umber paint. When dry I coated it with encaustic was.

Darlene Olivia McElroy


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